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Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants work for Dentists with duties ranging from basic dental office skills to more comprehensive clinical procedures.

Medical Administration

Keep healthcare offices running smoothly; medical administrators are familiar with health insurance rules, billing, coding, medical terminology and more.

Medical Assistant

This program focuses on both the clinical and administrative skills required to work in doctors offices, clinics, and other.

Medical Massage Therapy

Massage Therapists learn to apply skill and knowledge in the area of specialized touch to create relaxation, comfort, and healing.

Veterinary Assistant

Work with Veterinarians assisting with exams of animals, sterilize instruments used for surgery and assist with procedures.


I love this school! It feels like home. All the professors are extremely attentive & everyone in the office is willing to help! Even the owners are involved! Nothing like any other college I looked at.

Cheyenne R.

This school has changed my life, as a single mom I didn't see myself going to a university but I also didn't see myself working minimum wage the rest of my life. I checked into a few colleges but never took that extra step to get started until I walked into MCTCs doors from the moment you walk in the office everyone treats you so nice! Everyone is understanding and helpful! The classes are the perfect size for one on one learning, and all the teachers are there for you and help you to understand everything.

Bailey R.

I love this school and will forever recommend people to it! The teachers and staff are all awesome!

Shelby M.

I have been graduated for about a year and have a career I love! This school and program helped me become certified and guided me through the path to my career as a dental assistant. It has been so rewarding to do something I love everyday, and I am very thankful for those at the college who helped get to where I am today.

Chandler J.