Richmond Campus - Offers Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Administration, Medical Massage Therapy, and Veterinary Assistant.

Danville Separate Educational Center (SEC) - Offers Medical Assistant and Veterinary Assistant.

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Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants work for Dentists with duties ranging from basic dental office skills to more comprehensive clinical procedures.

Medical Administration

Keep healthcare offices running smoothly; medical administrators are familiar with health insurance rules, billing, coding, medical terminology and more.

Medical Assistant

This program focuses on both the clinical and administrative skills required to work in doctors offices, clinics, and other.

Medical Massage Therapy

Massage Therapists learn to apply skill and knowledge in the area of specialized touch to create relaxation, comfort, and healing.

Veterinary Assistant

Work with Veterinarians assisting with exams of animals, sterilize instruments used for surgery and assist with procedures.


I chose MCTC because I wanted a small class size. The teachers treat you more like their own child instead of another student. This is what pushed me to do the medical assisting program. A fear will always be a fear unless you choose to overcome it. Drawing blood wasn’t that bad after all. Clinical classes are more fun than administration now.


Racheal P.

I am a current student at Medical Career and Technical College to earn a Medical Assisting Certificate. I chose this school because of the smaller class sizes and the flexible schedule. While being at this school, I’ve had wonderful teachers who are well educated within the medical field. They relate their experiences to the way they teach and they are willing to work with each individual one on one if it’s needed. I’ve had a great experience being a student at MCTC and would highly recommend this school to any individual seeking a career in the medical field.

Makenzie G.

I have always had a desire to help animals. I chose Medical Career and Technical College, because they offer a Veterinary Assisting program that not only works around my schedule, but it is a very hands on learning experience. I not only get to enjoy the company of the animals I learn about, but the staff and students at MCTC feel like family to me now. The program makes me very excited about becoming a Certified Veterinary Assistant!

Allison M.

My fascination with teeth and going to the dentist began when I was a young kid, maybe 8 or 9. I loved going to the dentist so much I would tell my parents I had a tooth ache when I really didn’t just so I would get to go. To this day I still love going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and going to the orthodontist to get my braces adjusted. I decided to enter the dental assisting program because of my love for teeth and my love for helping others. I want to share my love for dentistry with others and help give others the opportunity to love dentistry as much as I do.

Brook A.

            My fascination with teeth began not too long ago, honestly. My reasoning for choosing this profession is simply from my dentist. Growing up, I was in and out of the dentist, getting my teeth cleaned, the occasional cavity fixed, the normal stuff for children. I turned thirteen and I had to get braces, at that time I was too cool to take care of my teeth, so I didn’t. I ruined my teeth at a very young age.

                Fast forward to twenty-two, my teeth are still stained and a little crooked. I made an appointment at my dentist for the first time since I had gotten my braces off. He was very straight forward and told me “We can fix that”. So, during my process of getting my teeth fixed, I developed a passion for my teeth. I want whiter, healthier teeth. So between doing research and trying to figure out what I was meant to do in this life, I came across Dental Assisting.

                During the time I spent researching, I’ve discovered that, this is what I am meant to do. I love helping people. I love helping people reach their goals. I’m compassionate. I’ve been in their shoes, so I know how they feel. This career field is fitting to my lifestyle. The rewards for this career are going to be so fulfilling.

                My goal for this program is to become more educated about dentistry, and graduate knowing that I made the right decision on my career path.

Brittany R.

While choosing Medical Career and Technical College I was truly undecided on which path I wanted to  take. After some one-on-one conversations with a teacher of mine, we decided Massage Therapy was for me. I love all things holistic and massage is truly right up my alley. Massage therapists work their magic by manipulating muscle and soft tissue to relieve pain, reduce stress and promote relaxation. I love that I'm going into a career where I'm truly helping others! Massage therapy has as much to offer as a career path as it does in health benefits for clients.

Mekeesha L.

I knew MCTC was for me because it fits with my schedule being a mom of 3 and working. 2 days during the week and no general education classes really helps with what I want to do. I chose the Veterinary Assistant program because I’ve always wanted to work with animals my whole life. Going to school with all the general education classes would be impossible for me. I’m so thankful for MCTC because the teachers here care about your education. They go above and beyond to help in any way they can. MCTC is great and everyone is like family. After I get my certification I plan on doing what I love, which is to work with animals. Later I plan to further my education as a Vet Tech.

Brandi S.