Richmond Campus - Offers Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Administration, Medical Massage Therapy, and Veterinary Assistant.

Danville Separate Educational Center (SEC) - Offers Medical Assistant and Veterinary Assistant.

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Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants work for Dentists with duties ranging from basic dental office skills to more comprehensive clinical procedures.

Medical Administration

Keep healthcare offices running smoothly; medical administrators are familiar with health insurance rules, billing, coding, medical terminology and more.

Medical Assistant

This program focuses on both the clinical and administrative skills required to work in doctors offices, clinics, and other.

Medical Massage Therapy

Massage Therapists learn to apply skill and knowledge in the area of specialized touch to create relaxation, comfort, and healing.

Veterinary Assistant

Work with Veterinarians assisting with exams of animals, sterilize instruments used for surgery and assist with procedures.

I chose MCTC because I wanted to make a difference in not only my life but my family’s life as well. Being a mom is my greatest gift, and MCTC allows me to have a flexible schedule to make time with my child. I chose the Medical Assistant program because taking care of others has always been my passion. This is definitely my calling! 

Allison S.

I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field because I am compassionate about helping people and making them feel better. I am currently a C.N.A., but I wanted to go back to school to become a CMA (AAMA) to further my career. The flexibility of the school’s schedule has made it possible to continue my education in the medical field while being a mom and working full-time. I’m beyond thankful for MCTC because the teachers here have true passion for education as well as our future. They truly go above and beyond for us! 

Ashley M.

I am a current student at Medical Career and Technical College to pursue my dream of becoming a Medical Assistant. I decided to choose this school because I always feared attending a huge university with a ton of people. Here at Medical Career and Technical College the teachers treat you like their own and not just another number. The teachers are very well educated and relate to their experiences in the field to educate their students. I’ve had an amazing experience here, and highly recommend this school to anybody seeking a career in the medical field! 

Sierra B.

I have always had a passion for animals since I was a little girl! There was literally never a day in my life when I wasn't around animals. I've always had a pet(s) or see strays roaming around the streets. I have this nurturing nature in me to care for them, whether they may be in the streets, clinic or my home. I want to have a career where I could tend to the animals needs whether it's recovering for surgery, sickness, or just needing some lovings. I chose MCTC for their Veterinary Assistant Program to be that person to save an animal's life and/or make their day better. The staff and students are so wonderful, we're like family, caring for our own. 

Gabriela V.

I have always had an interest in medicine, but it wasn’t until I became a special needs mom and started spending a lot of time in doctor’s offices that I realized how truly passionate I was about joining the medical field. I chose MCTC for the convenient schedule, hands-on learning, and small class sizes. My experience has been amazing and thanks to the wonderful staff here at MCTC I am excited for my future as a Medical Assistant! 

Ashley D.