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Our Vision

We advocate for increased awareness to access affordable, quality, skills training where employment is readily available. Unlike many two-year or four-year institutions, students can graduate from Medical Career & Technical College with career skills in just a years’ time and for a smarter overall total tuition cost.

In addition to affordability, we recognize that it takes time to attend college, and in today’s era, families require an income, which requires time to work. The vision of offering programs where students attend just two days a week is the key to so many student’s success. Another key factor in the success of learning is that students take just one course at a time, allowing a true stair-step approach that meets the needs of today’s academic learners.

Welcome to Medical Career & Technical College and we thank you for your commitment to choosing our great institution and letting us help you Jump Into your Career! Your success is our priority!

Kristi, MPH, CMA(AAMA) & Tom


Since 1996, Kristi Bertrand, MPH, B.S., A.S., CMA (AAMA) has been actively involved in higher education from holding a faculty position, developing curriculum, to the management of several higher educational allied health programs. Her vast experience included that of leading programs and campuses through the accreditation process and doing so flawlessly. Ms. Bertrand has served on numerous educational boards and participates as an on-site evaluator for various accrediting bodies.

Tom serves as our Facility Manager, so you may see him performing various repairs around our campuses. 

Karen, MBA

Director of Education/Assistant Campus Director

Karen has worked in post-secondary education for over 20 years. Her primary responsibilities were compliance with regulatory agencies and the general administration of the institution’s education department, serving as the 
Academic Dean and Accreditation Evaluator. Karen holds a Master of Business Administration with a Minor in Computer Science, holds a Bachelor of Science Business Administration, and also a degree as a Surgical Technician. 

Annabelle - Faculty at Medical Career & Technical College

Anabelle, AS

Director of Financial Aid

The purpose of the financial aid office is to ensure that each student has the resources sufficient to enable them to attend college. The college participates with the Federal Pell and the Federal Direct Loan programs. Let me assist you during your application process!

Christie - Faculty at Medical Career & Technical College

Christie, AS

Office Manager

Enrollment Coordinator

You will find me at enrollment as your Enrollment Coordinator! I may even be the one who speaks with you on the phone when you first call the school. I will also be the one to help you connect with employers by providing Career Service workshops. My background includes over 10 years experience as a Dental Assistant!

Georgetta - Faculty at Medical Career & Technical College

Georgetta, BS, CPC, CCMA

Medical Assistant/Administration Faculty

I am a Certified Professional Coder and a Certified Medical Office Assistant. With many years of experience I can bring to the classroom scenarios of real life experiences. I look forward to having you in my class!

Mattea - Faculty at Medical Career & Technical College

Mattea, AS, RMA (AMT)

Medical Assistant Faculty

Welcome to Medical Career and Technical College! I am a Registered Medical Assistant and hold an Associate’s of Science Degree. As a medical assisting instructor with prior clinical involvement I am excited to share my experience with you as you begin your journey into the medical field!

Krista, BS, LMT

Medical Massage Therapy Faculty

Having been a massage therapist since 2008 and holding a Bachelor of Science in Sports Ministry with a Minor in Physical Education you will be in good hands! I’m looking forward to meeting each of you!

Joy - Faculty at Medical Career & Technical College

Joy, LMT

Medical Massage Therapy Faculty

I am a Medical Massage Therapy instructor! I obtained my massage therapy degree from Bluegrass Professional School of Massage. I maintain multiple certifications in massage, skin care, and other health care fields. I am passionate about medical massage therapy and teaching new life skills. Ready to make a difference? I can’t wait to meet you!

Shannon, BPH, LPN

LPN Enrollment Coordinator

Hi and welcome to Medical Career & Technical College. I have a lot of experience in nursing and administration, I look forward to meeting all of my enrolled students to further their career at MCTC!

Skyler, RDA

Dental Assistant Faculty
Administrative Assistant

Hi, I will be your Dental Assistant instructor! I am a graduate from Medical Career & Technical College and an EDDA. We will practice a lot of hands-on activities to prepare you for the field. When you graduate you will also be an EDDA. I can’t wait to have you in my classroom!



Hi, if you need an official or unofficial copy of your transcript, you will be sending those requests to me. You will also find me in the administrative offices answering phones, greeting, or doing administration type tasks. I also assist with your payments. 

Amy - Faculty at Medical Career & Technical College

Amy, BS, CVA

Veterinary Assistant Faculty

Hi, I will be your Veterinary Assistant instructor! As a Veterinary Science graduate from the University of Tennessee, being credentialed and highly experienced in the field, I am passionate to see each of you succeed as a Veterinary Assistant!

Becca, MSN, RN

Practical Nursing Program Administrator

With many years of experience in the nursing field, as a Nurse Practitioner, and as an educator the Practical Nursing program is a great choice for those wanting to pursue the nursing field. I look forward to meeting each of you!

Kristi, BSN, RN

Practical Nursing Faculty

Hello, my name is Kristi. I have 28 years of nursing experience in various areas of healthcare. I hold a Baccalaureate degree in nursing. I love the profession of nursing. Nursing as a profession is based on scientific evidence as well as caring and compassion. It was founded to protect, promote, and improve health for all ages. I look forward to teaching our next generation of nurses.

Austin, BA

Director of Marketing and Student Engagement

Best friend, hype man, whatever you need I can either give you an answer or point you in the right direction. 

Cheyenne Barnett, BSN, RN
Brittany Gillespie, ADN, RN

Farrah Taylor

I started my career as a Certified Medical Assistant and I gained my education from Eastern Kentucky University, having gained an Associate of Science degree, a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education, and a Masters of Public Health (MPH). After 30 years of healthcare and educational management experience I understand the importance of providing an excellent educational experience. And as the President of Medical Career & Technical College I strive to provide a dynamic learning experience for my students and a dynamic work-team experience for my staff. Every individual of my faculty and staff embraces their passion for education to initiate a student-centric environment that encompasses the success of not only their student, but also that student's generations to come. My staff's definition of success is seeing a student start school with a goal, then seeing them absorb the knowledge & training, and then finally seeing them achieve their goals and change their lives for forever. Education is a labor of love, and I am proud to provide that to our community!
Kristi Bertrand, President

Request Information

We are thrilled that you have chosen to request more information about our programs! We would like to remind you that we offer small subject-focused classes and diploma and certificate based medical programs. Available to you as well are “ASSIST Fridays” and Career Services. Once we have received your request we will review it and get back to you. If you are looking for further information you are welcome to call our Admissions Representative at 859-624-1988.