In the heart of our community, a powerful movement grows. As Medical Career & Technical College (MCTC) and our allies rally against human trafficking, our coalition has recently welcomed two remarkable partners: Soft Shoe Inc., and Bert’s SpeakCheezy. This expansion signals not just growth but a deepening commitment across the board to dismantle the chains of exploitation.

Expanding the Fight

The initiative’s momentum is palpable, with Soft Shoe Inc. and Bert’s SpeakCheezy bringing fresh energy and resources to our cause. Each partner, with their unique strengths and community ties, extends the reach of our message, proving that when we unite for a cause, our impact multiplies. Their involvement goes beyond mere support; it’s a testament to the power of collective action against the scourge of human trafficking.

Community Engagement

This Sunday, our movement takes us to LIFEChurch, a beacon of hope and support in our mission. At this event, we will not only share our message but also connect directly with community members eager to contribute to our cause. Our booth at LIFEChurch will offer information, resources, and avenues for involvement, inviting all to join us in this critical fight.

How Can I Help?

Your voice has the power to make a profound difference in the lives of those entangled in the shadows of human trafficking. By spreading awareness, you illuminate the path to freedom for countless individuals who suffer in silence. We urge you to take a stand with us—share our content, talk about this issue in your circles, and let the message echo through your social media platforms. Awareness is the first step towards change. Consider also supporting our cause with a donation to Redeeming Hope. Every contribution, no matter its size, fuels our mission to provide safe havens and healing services for victims. Together, we can dismantle the chains of exploitation. Your action, your voice, and your support can change lives. 

Redeeming Hope is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing freedom, hope, redemption, and restoration for teenage girls who have been sexually exploited. Their mission is not just to rescue but to rehabilitate, through a holistic approach that includes counseling, education, and ongoing support. By offering a safe and stable home environment, Redeeming Hope empowers each girl to heal and rediscover their self-worth, ensuring that the home they build is one of love and security, not just shelter

To become a part of the fight with Redeeming Hope, there are several ways you can contribute:

1. Advocate: Use your voice to raise awareness. Share information about human trafficking and Redeeming Hope’s mission with your social network, in community groups, and with your local representatives.

2. Educate: Learn the signs of human trafficking and how to report them. Encourage others to do the same. Education is one of the most powerful tools in preventing trafficking and helping victims.

3. Donate: Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of these young girls. Your financial support goes directly toward providing the care and resources they need to heal and thrive. Donations can be made through their official website or Venmo account.

4. Partner: If you’re part of an organization, consider partnering with Redeeming Hope and this fundraiser campaign to provide services, support, or other resources.

Why Fundraise?

Redeeming Hope’s mission is to provide a safe and stable home environment for sexually exploited teenage girls. Empowering healing each girl through a comprehensive, holistic approach through counseling, education and support.

Want to join the fight? Email:

DONATE TO Redeeming Hope !



Make sure to include #MCTC and your email when donating!

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Office for Victims of Crime (OVC): Part of the U.S.

Department of Justice, the OVC offers extensive resources for human trafficking victims, including grants, training, and technical assistance to strengthen victim assistance responses, support multidisciplinary task forces, and enhance stakeholder capacity in identifying and connecting victims to services.

National Human Trafficking Hotline:

Operated by Polaris, this hotline provides support to victims and survivors of human trafficking. It’s a critical resource for reporting trafficking situations and connecting victims with services.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC):

A leading organization in the United States for preventing child abduction, recovering missing children, and combating child sexual exploitation.

Freedom Network USA:

The largest network of human trafficking service providers in the U.S., Freedom Network USA works to ensure that trafficked persons have access to justice, safety, and opportunity.

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