A career as a medical assistant is an exciting and fulfilling way to be a part of the medical field without spending years in college and racking up thousands in debt. Our medical assistant program is only 54 weeks long, and medical assistants are cross-trained in clinical and administrative tasks, making them invaluable care team members.

The demand for medical assisting is growing much faster than average compared to other occupations due to the growing number of aging Americans and predicted increase in the number of medical facilities across the US, so now is the time to jump into a growing field.

Typical Tasks of a Medical Assistant

According to the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) Occupational Analysis of Medical Assistants, you may encounter several different clinical and administrative duties, depending on the location, size, and specialty of the facility where you work. Some of the duties of a medical assistant include but are not limited to:

Clinical Duties:

  • Taking medical histories
  • Explaining treatment procedures to patients
  • Preparing patients for examinations
  • Assisting the physician during examinations
  • Collecting and preparing laboratory specimens
  • Performing basic laboratory tests
  • Instructing patients about medication and special diets
  • Preparing and administering medications, including injections, vaccinations, and immunizations, as directed by a physician or nurse practitioner
  • Transmitting prescription refills
  • Phlebotomy
  • Taking electrocardiograms
  • Wound care and changing dressings

Administrative Duties:

  • Using computer applications
  • Answering telephones
  • Welcoming patients
  • Updating and filing patient medical records
  • Coding and filling out insurance forms
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Arranging for hospital admissions and laboratory services
  • Handling correspondence, billing, and bookkeeping

Still, the question remains: “What does a medical assistant’s day look like?” Medical Career & Technical College is happy to share an overview of a medical assistant’s day.

Beginning the Day as a Medical Assistant

Most medical assistants are employed full-time. Depending on the facility for which you’ll eventually work, as well as its location, size, and specialty, your duties may differ from the following.

Your shift can begin before the office is open for the day, which allows you to perform necessary preparatory tasks. As a medical assistant, you’ll start your day by reviewing the patient schedule and meeting with the providers you will work with. A quick check-in with your supervisor will determine any tasks that require immediate attention, after which you’ll move on to preparing exam rooms. It’s common for medical assistants to keep an inventory of medical supplies and order more as necessary.

Typical Daily Tasks

No matter what the day brings, it’s essential for medical assistants to have excellent time management and organization skills. You’re a vital part of the medical team; everyone must work efficiently to keep the office running correctly.

You may be asked to assist physicians and nurse practitioners during exams and draw blood or collect swabs for lab testing. You may also prepare and administer medications and instruct patients about their doctor’s orders. If the patient receives a prescription, the medical assistant provides necessary information about the medication, including dosage and frequency, and answers any questions the patient may have. Other clinical duties include:

When they’re not actively involved with patients, medical assistants answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments. Your day can include updating patient charts, scheduling appointments and procedures, helping clean exam rooms in between appointments, and greeting patients if you’re working in the office waiting area. As a medical assistant, you will also be responsible for communicating with billing departments and insurance companies, and this includes obtaining prior authorization for treatments and procedures.

Wrapping Up the Day

After the last day’s exam is done, a medical assistant restocks patient exam rooms, so they’re ready for the following day. Most days, you’ll also have a quick meeting with colleagues to discuss the day and verify that all day paperwork has been attended to. You can expect a shift to end between 30 and 60 minutes after the office closes.

Learn More About Becoming a Medical Assistant

As you can see, medical assistants are a vital part of the medical field. They provide excellent care and help patients feel at ease.

Would you enjoy working as a medical assistant? We have various financial aid options to meet the needs of every student and lifetime career services. Our primary campus is in Richmond, KY, with satellite locations in Danville and Lexington, KY. Contact us today for more information and to get started.

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