Do you love working with animals but aren’t ready become a veterinarian? Perhaps it’s the cost or time investment holding you back. Instead, consider getting your veterinary assistant certification from Medical Career & Technical College. We can help you transform your passion for helping animals into a fulfilling career you can build from in the future.

Where Vet Assistants Can Work

Veterinary assistants can find jobs at vet clinics and animal hospitals, but those aren’t the only employment options. As a vet assistant, you can find work in the Kentucky horse industry, at an animal shelter, or your local SPCA. You can also be a valuable team member of a zoo or wildlife care facility. If you’re more interested in the scientific side than hands-on work, consider a pet nutrition or veterinary pharmaceutical company.

Why Obtain Certification as a Veterinary Assistant

Sometimes you can receive on-the-job training to become a veterinary assistant without prior certification, but having your credentials has its perks.

  • You’ll receive more one-on-one instruction with experienced instructors. This will give you the skills and confidence you need prior to entering the workforce.
  • Certified vet assistants have more job opportunities available than those without credentials or experience.
  • With projected job growth higher than average, there will be no shortage of organizations seeking people with veterinary assistant certification.
  • You can become a veterinary assistant in less than a year. Our program lasts 36 weeks with classes being held only two days per week to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Certification as a vet assistant is a great way to get started on the path to becoming a future veterinarian.

What Veterinary Assistants Do

When you begin working as a veterinary assistant, your days will consist of a mixture of administrative and hands-on tasks. You will provide direct support to the veterinarian, vet techs, and other clinical staff. Veterinary assistants can expect to perform some of the following duties:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Updating records
  • Handling billing and payments
  • Feeding and grooming animals
  • Cleaning cage and sterilizing equipment
  • Assisting with animal restraint during exams and calming animals afterward

Skills Every Vet Assistant Needs

Like all professions, there are skills a veterinary assistant needs that cannot be taught in a classroom setting. Beyond your clinical and administrative skills, the following skills will also come in handy:

  • People skills: You’ll work with people about as much as you do with animals. It’s important that you be able to get along with pet owners, veterinarians, and other staff members.
  • Patience: Animals do not always cooperate. It’s important that you’re able to remain calm so you don’t cause the animals to become nervous and upset.
  • Physical strength: You won’t be powerlifting but there are some very large animals out there and they all require care at some point. Male Great Danes can weigh as much as 200 lbs and adult females weigh in around 100 lbs.

Just because you earned a certificate in veterinary assistance, it doesn’t mean you have to work for a veterinarian! There are so many jobs in the animal care and sporting industry that require knowledge of animal care and veterinary assistance. We offer lifetime career services to help you find and maintain a job in your chosen field.

Learn More About Out Veterinary Assistant Program

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a certified veterinarian assistant. In addition to your coursework, you’ll participate in 180 externship hours and receive animal CPR certification. We offer many financial aid options to make attending Medical Career & Technical College possible for everyone. Our main campus is in Richmond, KY, and we serve all of Central Kentucky, including Danville and Lexington.

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