People who enjoy their jobs are happier and have lower levels of stress and depression than those who don’t. Knowing what you love is essential when choosing a career field, but knowing where you can work is just as necessary for success.

Those who enter the veterinary field have often wanted to work with animals since childhood. Veterinary assistant jobs are also in high demand. But did you know that you can become a certified veterinary assistant at Medical Career & Technical College, and begin your exciting career in animal care?

Places Where Veterinary Assistants Work

A veterinary assistant is vital to the team wherever animals receive care. You can work at various facilities as a veterinary assistant:

  • Animal shelters & welfare organizations
  • Veterinarian clinics & animal hospitals
  • Zoos
  • Wildlife rehabilitation programs
  • Veterinarian pharmaceutical companies

What’s the Difference Between a Vet Assistant and a Vet Tech’s Education?

You can become a veterinary assistant by completing a certification program or by demonstrating competency in animal husbandry. Completing a certification program like that our program at Medical Career & Technical College shows your proficiency in and knowledge of animal health and welfare, and facility administration—and gain an important advantage on your resume.

A vet tech must complete 2-4 years of college and pass a credentialing exam.

What Does a Veterinary Assistant Do?

Your exact duties will vary depending on where you work, but a veterinary assistant always supports the veterinarians and vet techs. Typical responsibilities of a veterinary assistant include:

  • Handling animals, including for training and grooming purposes
  • Monitoring animals following surgery or other procedures
  • Giving medication that the vet has prescribed
  • Cleaning and disinfecting cages, kennels, and other equipment
  • Clerical tasks

Working at a Zoo

Supporting a zoo vet tech requires knowledge of species you don’t encounter at a typical animal hospital. As a vet assistant, you will help the zoo vet tech monitor the conditions in each animal’s habitat to ensure their comfort and safety. Many animals housed at zoos are exotic and endangered species that are unpredictable and less understood than domestic animals. Their care requires veterinary assistants to have a skillset beyond what is necessary for working at a typical veterinary clinic or hospital.

Equine Vet Assistant

If you want to work with horses, becoming an equine vet assistant may be for you. You will support the equine vet tech and veterinarian in different capacities than at a zoo or animal hospital. Horses are huge animals that require specialized care for even minor procedures.

Some vet techs jobs specialize in the care of animals in labs, large farm animals, exotic animals, pets—the list goes on and on.

Veterinary Assistant Certification near Richmond

The Veterinary Assistant Program takes 36 weeks and includes an externship and pet CPR certification. We offer financial aid, so a lack of monetary resources will prevent students from achieving their goals, and lifetime career services to help keep you find employment in your chosen field. Our main campus is in Richmond, KY, with satellite locations in Danville and Lexington, KY. Contact us today for information about any of our programs.

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  1. Welcome to Medical Career & Technical College, where we prioritize your success in every step of your educational journey. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our smaller class sizes, hands-on learning, and one-on-one teaching approach. We provide free tutoring, textbooks, and a supportive community that fosters peer learning. With a choice of six diverse programs, including Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Administration, Medical Massage Therapy, Practical Nursing, and Veterinary Assistant, you have the flexibility to tailor your education to your unique goals. Our campuses in Richmond and Lexington offer convenience, and our structured class hours, from 9 AM to 4 PM on the two days you attend, allow you to balance your studies with other commitments. Plus, with eight different terms to start on, you can begin your journey at your own pace. We take pride in offering externship opportunities, career placement assistance, and bridge programs like CMA to LPN and LPN to RN, ensuring your education leads to a successful career launch. At Medical Career & Technical College, we’re not just an educational institution; we’re your partners in achieving your dreams and jumpstarting your career.

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